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Bed Bugs

The bed bug is, arguably, the most unpleasant pest you’re ever likely to encounter in the UK.

Although they are not known to carry any kind of disease, it is our allergic reaction to their bite which makes their presence so unwanted.

Bed bug infestations are on the increase in the UK. Blame it on the increase in travel, particularly inter-country, or on the increase in the use of central heating or, maybe even on climate change, it makes no difference; you’re more likely to encounter bed bugs now than you were in the 1950s.

Adult bed bugs are up to 6mm in length, a dark reddish brown and are principally active after dark.

They feed mainly on human blood but will also feed on cats, dogs and rodents. They hide away in cracks and crevices in furniture, walls, skirting and even inside electrical appliances and emerge every few days to have a blood meal for which they home in on their victim’s exhalations of carbon dioxide.

Generally the first sign of infestation is the allergic reaction to their bite. Unless you enter a property which already has a significant bed bug population (maybe a hotel room) then the initial encounter is likely to be with just one or two bed bugs and so the bites will often be attributed to mosquitos or midges. However, once the population takes off then a person may receive hundreds of bites per week generally more prevalent on the upper body.

To help identify whether bed bugs are the cause of the bites, you should look for small blood spots on the bedding and a thorough inspection of the bed, may reveal both adult and juvenile bed bugs although where only small numbers are present it can be extremely hard to find them.

Treatment of bed bug infestations really should be left to trained professionals. Thoroughness is the key to a successful treatment as bed bugs are extremely accomplished at hiding and, it is said that, if you can get a piece of paper behind it, you can get a bed bug behind it too.

Repeated application of insecticide is generally necessary and there are also heat treatments available in order to control the bugs.

Rest assured that the professionals will rid you of these unwanted pests so, have a good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite………!

Bed Bugs


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